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Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park - February 2012. Some 1150 shots short-listed to 250 with this lot (69) as the final entries. Hard to skinny them down much beyond this. Minimal photo-shopping - mainly just some cropping.
Mural of park pioneer/founder Gustav Weindorfer (1874-1932) in his hut - Sheffield, TasmaniaHere we go, here we go ...Deciduous beech - Nothofagus gunniiCrater LakeFrom Marion's LookoutDove Lake and Cradle MountainCradle Mountain, from Marion's LookoutSnow everlasting - Helichrysum milliganiaMountain pinkberry - Leptecophylla juniperinaBarn BluffCushion Plant (Abrotanella forsteroides)The long (and winding?) road ...