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A few shots from Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks, Northern Territory, Australia
Burrungkuy - the home of Namarrkon, Lightning Man.BurrungkuyUbirrAt the Nanguluwurr art siteAt the Nanguluwurr art siteAt the Nanguluwurr art site.  Namarrkon, Lightning Man, is on the rightAt the Nanguluwurr art site.  Alkayhko, fire woman (four arms) is centre left.At Ubirr.  The depicts a sickness called Miyamiya, a caused by disturbing the nearby sacred site.At Ubirr.  a 4,000 year old thylacine (now extinct)At Ubirr.At Ubirr.At Ubirr.  Created by Garranga'rreli, as a reminder of her visit as the Rainbow Serpent.Crocodylus porosusGotcha - too slow ...Happy??WatchingYa wanna fight??Camouflaged - you can't see me ...Great egret (Ardea alba )Azure kingfisher (Ceyx azureus)