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Project 63/366, chronicling a year of life.

Project 63/366, a personal creative challenge, commenced on 14th September 2014, and exhibits a single photograph, taken each day until the end of the project, of 14th September 2015. Three self-imposed rules were established: no two images could be essentially the same; all images were to be captured using a DSLR camera; and each daily image was to be uploaded on that day, technology permitting. Almost absolutely the were adhered to.

During the period of Project 63/366 I traveled to three Australian States, as well as to Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal, Hong Kong, China, France and Spain, collectively providing a diverse wealth of subject material. The bulk of the images were taken in the south-west of Western Australia.

All images are housed here and were also referenced at the Facebook page
In training ...Stairway to hellLeader of the packThar she goes ...ReflectionsPawCaffeinated ...Here's lookin' at youWhere's the maxillofacial surgeon?Hullo cupcakeSnakes and  ...Menisci?Where there's smoke ...StuffedWho's your scaly mate?Coathangers?Dusk over the vinesBabushka twins?AgedHaven't fallen off ...