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Project 63/366 (Almosts) - an extension of the journey

Project 63/366 is proving interesting, and challenging. My self-imposed rules require a daily single image. Sometimes, however, there is more than one which I am happy with.

Enter Project 63/366 (Almosts). Previously known as "Seconds". But that suggests rejects, which they are certainly not. They didn't quite make the cut as photo of the day, only because I had to make a choice ...

The rules ... there are none. As many or as few per day as I like. Duplicates, sure. Uploads, whenever.

Enjoy, just the same ...

Guestbook for Project 63/366 (Almosts)
Sriyanthie McCabe(non-registered)
I had a dream that there was a photographer named Peter Campbell that I needed to look at. Googled your name and "photographer" and here I am! Beautiful work.
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